Saturday, March 6, 2010


It has been a while. That's what happens when you're sick.

See...I thought it was just a 24 hour bug, but the vomiting continued for a couple of days. Then, when I got better, I caught strep, which gave me a sinus infection, which then led to days and days of drainage. I then had a cough I couldn't get rid of for several nights. Then, yesterday, I got a marvelous ear infection (like CANNOT hear at all out of my left ear). Today, I woke up with a bladder infection.

God has a sense of humor. But the way I look at it, if I get every illness at the beginning of the year, I won't be sick for the rest? haha.

Needless to say, I haven't been on the Internet nor have I had the desire to post a blog. :(

We found out that our closing won't be on Monday like we orginally planned. Apparently everyone else and their dog knows that closing dates aren't on expected dates except for us. haha. Hopefully it will all work out at the end of the week so we can HAVE OUR HOUSE and I can share pics. tehe :)

This is non-imformative, but I will update when I have a chance. ;) Off to do busy things like lesson plans and teaching certification stuff.

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