Monday, September 29, 2008

Dare to again?

Yesterday's dare went so smooth. No harsh words were exchanged.
Today's is to continue yesterday's dare AND do one random act of kindness.
This should be very interesting.

Weekend Wrap-up
Friday: Colton and I went shopping together and I got a pair of New Balance tennis shoes for $21 at Shoe Pavillion since they are closing. Then we went to Studio Movie Grill and saw "Eagle Eye" which totally ROCKED.
Saturday: Worked, then Hailey and Taylor brought Sadie and we took them to the dark park (we=Chuck and I, colton went fishing with his daddy). It was hysterical to watch my little 7 1/2 pounder take on Great Danes, Labs, and Golden Retrievers.
Sunday: Worked all day. Studied.

Today we are going to watch the DVD of our wedding and have a big dinner with both our families.


is the key to success.
I am supposed to be studying for Developmental Psyc test tomorrow and/or doing my lab homework, but instead I am stealing from blogs.

About me
i am: a redhead.
i think: That the world is a pretty happy place.
i know: The characteristics of a theory (haha)
i want: A vacation.
i have: An adorable Beagle named Chuck Taylor.
i wish: My work had a frozen yogurt machine
i hate: Mean people.
i miss: My family.
i fear: Getting my degree and sucking as a psychologist.
i feel: sleepy.
i hear: A vaccuum.
i smell: Coffee.
i crave: Icecream, but right now I am stuffed.
i search: For my socks/clothes every morning because colton is sleeping and our room is VERY dark.
i wonder: Why people would vote for Obama.
i regret: Not being in theatre right now.
i ache: When I play Wii for too long, or when carmen Electra kicks my butt in my workout.
i care: about Colton.
i always: sleep in fetal position, all curled up, and don't move.
i am not: a slacker (even thought i feel like one right now)
i believe: There is a reason for everything.
i dance: all the time, even when driving. Am I good? No. Not at all.
i sing: in my car.
i cry: About good things and bad.
i don’t always: Feel happy.
i fight: for what I believe in.
i write: in my blog, or journal that I just started back up.
i never: say "never"
i stole: A candy bar when I was 5 and lied about it, had to give it back and haven't done it again.
i listen: to other people.
i need: to pray more often.
i am happy about: Becca's wedding in 19 days!!! =)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

We've taken the dare

Since seeing previews of the movie "Fireproof" with Kirk Cameron I have been intrigued by this "love dare" situation. So...I bought the book. I know, Colton and I have only been married for 3 1/2 months, but we have been together for 6 1/2 years (as of yesterday). Like any couple, we could use a "refresher" I thought the concept of the book was neat. Read a chapter a day (like 2 pages which is good bc Colton hates to read) that incorporates scripture and take the "daily dare", then write about it together.
We started today. I read the chapter and left the book for Colton to read when he woke up. Todays dare: Patience. Do not say anything negative to your spouse.
So far it has been easy, I havent seen him much. He called me about getting syrup all over the couch and ruining a pillow (which is a whole other story in itself). he was calm and chose his words very wisely.
=) I think this is going to be fun.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Monday-Wed...sick, sick, sick, sick, sick. The only time I left the house was on Wednesday night for work. UGH! I hate being sick more than anything else in the world.
Thursday- I still didn't feel 100%, but I had to go to school (I had a test in one of my classes). I went and it was nice to see my girls at school. Other than that it was kinda a crappy day. The three things I didnt study very hard (what I missed while I was gone) just happened to be the three essay questions on the test. GRR!! I think I totally messed up with the V stages. See if I ever forget what Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California, (which was is the 70s Amber. You were right. Haha! I suck.) or Riggins vs. Nevada (was in 92) is!!! I was gagging on the way home from school (no idea why, just gagging and throwing up in my mouth). I got home to a beautiful candle lit livingroom/kitchen and plates and salad bowls set out with soft beautiful music playing in the background. It really felt like a movie fora brief second before I ran in the bathroom and threw up, just clear liquids though. I thought my spleen was coming out. Then, I felt much better. I went back in the living room to enjoy my surprise. Colton picked up that pasta from Pizza Hut (AMAZING BY THE WAY) and breadsticks. Complete with salad. I enjoyed it. Then, my second surprise... BLUE BELL Coffee icecream, oreos and chocolate sauce to that Colton "marble slabbed" together (tossed and mixed and all that).
It was so romantic and sweet and the most time we have spent together in a while.
Friday- woke up and made waffles with the mix that we bought at Williams and Sonoma (maple pecan) and used the extra for a small loaf of bread. Then I made Cream Cheese frosting to mix with the sauce. The extra frosting I put in the fridge to give to my parents with the bread. Then, Colton and I took Chuck to the vet (we had some good laughs at his expense). He got his third round of shots, and I guess the treat they gave him took his mind off the pain, but 30 seconds later he was screaming and whining (This was funny because it was the latest reaction I have ever seen). We picked up the strawberries and chocolate and I made strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream icing with chocolate covered strawberries on top for my dads birthday. Then we drove to mesquite. Delievered the goods and came home. I made a grand dinner of garlic seasoned chicken strips, baked potatoes, BBQ sautated onions, baked beans and salad. We ate and I worked on my Spanish homework (BLAH!!)
Saturday- Worked, met up with a family in a very nice neighborhood that I will now be sitting for on weekends (their family and others in the neighborhood) . Then I went to my Haute Facade appointment (see below) where I was treated to a makeover, champangne (although I just had the juice, no champange) and delicious orderves (sp??). Oh yeah, and they made me HOTT! Came home and crashed (after pulling out all the bobbypins and washing my face and teeth) Only to wake up this morning to know I DIDNT TAKE OUT MY CONTACTS so my eyes and head have been killing me all morning. So yes, i went to work, in public, with VERY minimal makeup and glasses.
I am one hott mama. haha
Oh, and because this post is so long...I need to update more so I dont have to cram that all in in one entry.

Haute Facade

Pronounced: Hot Fa-Sod.
You're about to see something CRAZY. Me with no makeup. Last night I had my "hair model" appointment where I had to go to hautefacade. It was so much fun!! Those girls are amazing and can seriously work miracles. I'm not lying. Anyone who needs bridal/ bridal party hair, call them. NOW. =) Their studio is so adorable too.
I'll be posting an update at work, just thought I would share these while I can.

Before (in the car on the way)


After the bobbypins came out

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why. Every week??

Weekend Wrap-up:

Friday: Colton and I went to IHOP (yum!) for a breakfast date. Then we went to best Buy to get accessories for his new camera. We took Chuck to the dog park (pics will be up soon I hope. we took them on his new camera and need the thing to dl it to the computer). That was so much fun. All the dogs were huge and were slobbering all over lil' chuck, but he did so good. he never tucked his tail in. He never even appeared nervous. I'm so proud of him. =D
Saturday: I worked... went grocery shopping. And came home and made a DELICIOUS meal. (smothered chicken breasts. Aka...grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, bacon and cheese on top), mashed potatoes, peas(for me), Glory Greens (for Colton), and french bread. Colton got called in to work early, so I officially started my new "work out" plan. It was so much fun, and man do I feel it this morning in my thighs. I took before pics so I can track my progress. I decided on this for two reasons
1. Becca's wedding is next month and I want to look good in my dress.
2. When I weighed myself last night I was the heaviest I have ever been in my entire life (and I wasn't wearing clothes!!)
OK, maybe three
3. I just want to be in shape and feel good about myself again.
Sunday: Here is where the title came in... I woke up sick as a dog this morning (why do we say "sick as a dog"?). My throat is killing me, my nose is running, I keep sneezing, and my head hurts. i am at work now and I just keep feeling bad. I have been able to get some homework done, so that is good.
It just stinks that the past two weekends I have gotten sick. GRRRR!!
Hopefully I can get home and get some rest tonight, which means I automatically have to miss out on day 2 of my workout regimin. Ugh!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Not a whole lot happened this weekend. I got a trim (yay!!) My hair feels so soft now. I love it. Uhh, I worked a lot. Got a lot of homework done. Oh yeah, and I got sick. I have a horrible bladder infection and I feel like I just got ran over by a tractor trailer.

Boring weekend...

Oh and here's a Chuck-date:

Today is his 12 week birthday. He's growin' so fast!! =)

Friday, September 5, 2008

First attempt...slightly failed.

So I made my first bath of cupcakes. hehe. Its a lot of fun baking from scratch. I accidentally put in too much butter in the batter.
I should have kept them in the oven a little longer so they weren't as fluffy.
With a glass of milk they taste pretty delicious, I just need to work out a few kinks...
tonight we are making chicken...let's see if we can do that the right way.


Here's a picture:

yellow cake chocolate frosting

Please excuse the kitchen mess. haha

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yummy cupcakes!!

A wonderful friend got Colton and I a giftcard to Williams & Sonoma and we finally got to use it. We got Maple Pecan bread mix...Maple Pecan sauce...grilling sauce (spicy beer battered I think)... and a WONDERFUL cupcake book. No lie it has EVERY cupcake imaginable with endless possibilities. It teaches you how to make all sorts of frostings/fillings/toppings. My mouth is getting happy just thinking about it.

Yesterday wasn't the best day. It was actually no where close. I wrecked Coltons car. =( Well maybe not his car, but his bumper. *sighs* He wasnt very happy.

School is going alright. Spanish is kinda kickin' my butt. (It would help if I had access to the class the day it started and not two days late...and then I cant get into the "Spanish Club" which apparently has some of our mandatory assignments).

back to my homework.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My 2 obsessions in one day

How could it get any better?!
So One tree hill definately premieres tonight!! Its about time!! ahhhh!! =)
I am so freakin' excited.
Colton is going to get me Cold Stone Ice cream.
My life is fantastic.

happy labor day!!! =)

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