Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm walkin' on sunshine...

That song is stuck in my head for some reason. It is absolutely NOT sunny outside right now either. It's rainy and in the 70s(which is a lot better than the 100s). This weekend was super busy. Saturday, Colton was supposed to be shooting engagements pics in Las Colinas(where he paid a $50 deposit) at 2:00pm, plus lunch and a meeting with them about their wedding. He tried all morning to get a hold of her and couldn't reach her. We showed up anyways, just in case something happened with her phone or something. Well, of course, she didn't show up. Finally, we called her from my phone, and she returned my call, only to hang up as soon as she heard Colton's voice. How inconsiderate.
Seriously, this girl didn't even give any kind of explinationa nd stole 50 bucks from us.
Hailey spent the night, so we could go to church in the morning. We shopped (thrift stores and such) for her to find a cute sundress to wear when we trash my wedding dress this week. I wanted some pics of her with me and definately a shot of us jumping in the lake together.
We went to downtown Mckinney (where the following pics were taken), swimming, and just running around.
Colton got the idea that it would be fun to "spontaneously plan" a trip for this weekend (July 4th). When I get back friday from my TTD location, we will leave for Beaver's Bend Friday night (we=Colton, Hailey, Forrest and me) It should be an exciting time, but super busy weekend.

Check out my new sunglasses. tehe.

We found a Starry Night Frog (Starry Night being our favorite painting and frog being her favorite animal).
Can't wait to leave for my trips!! I will post many pics.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Wow. So I have had an extremely busy weekend. :)
Saturday, I worked in the morning, got home, worked out and then took a shower to get ready for Colton's first wedding. Speaking of, Colton has decided to give photography a try. He has always loved it and thinks he has an eye for it. So he posted about it, and has been quickly getting a lot of interest. He is starting off making nothing almost, but he has to start from somewhere and build up his portfolio.
Here are some shots from that and his website:
Anyways, I learned a valuable lesson...4 in' heels and being on your feet from 3-11, not a good idea.
Sunday, I got up early and went to the Cotton Mill to help Kandice with her mini sessions. It was hot as can be outside, but it was nice to get to see her again and hang out. I was getting so giddy talking about my TTD pics coming up next week. I can hardly wait.
Monday I worked, but I was so tired from the weekend, that I went home early. I couldn't even stay awake at work.
Today, Hailey and Lindsay and I are all going to have a girls day. What kind of trouble we get into shall be fun. :)
Later days (wow, old school "Recess" reference)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Chuck...

I have been trying to DL my pics to this post for three days now!! Sorry it's late.

Tuesday was Chuck Taylor's first birthday. I had the day off, so I took him to a few doggie stores and went by the dog bakery to get cookies for him and his birthday guests at Unleashed. He got a round one with "Happy Birthday" on it and everyone else got paw print cookies. I let him walk around the store and pick out whatever he wanted...he grabbed a giant pig ear, so I guess that was the winner.
We went to Unleashed, which is pretty cool since it is indoors, but I prefer the free one in Plano. Hailey and Sadie, my mom and Foxi, Ryan, Amy and Zoe all came too. It was fun for all.

Chuck and I waiting for Colton to get home so we can leave.

At the store, I let Chuck pick out anything he wanted...he picked a pig ear.

My mom's dog, Foxi and I.

Baby Zoe.

Baby Zoe and her mom and dad.

What happens when you give Chuck a stuffed animal. :) He LOVES them though.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

One year ago today...

The doors opened...

and the groom watched.

We kissed...

and sealed the deal as husband and wife.

A year later,

we celebrated with a well deserved day off for both of us. I got a NEW white dress (as seen above) and we had a great day hanging out together.
It was perfect, just like our day a year ago.
Colton, I love you and I am excited for "80 more" anniversaries to come.
Your wifey.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Lovin'

So much stuff has happened since I last updated.

I started summer school I,
I finished summer school I (with an A),
I don't start Summer II until July something.
Hailey and Taylor broke up.
Hailey and I have had some major sister time.
I have sang at a karoke bar,
and we took Colton's family to see our hood.
We bought a lot of "smell-good" stuff at Bath and Body Works big sale.
We found a new beautiful shoppin center.
Colton turned 22,
Colton got a tattoo.
(Ha, it's like a nursery rhyme..."Colton got a tattoo on the day he turned 22")
Hailey got a tattoo,
Jen and Sam got one too.
Me...I didn't. Not because I am a chicken, or because I was scared. I have never really wanted one. What would I get? I didn't want to make an impulse decision just because everyone else was doing it. I think hard about what I wear everyday and what I eat, why would I jump into a tatoo?
I am excited about this summer. We may host my cousin and her husband at our apartment and take them to 6 Flags in July. I have trash the dress pictures in July at the best location ever. I get to help my favorite photographer and good friend do beautiful family pictures (including my supervisor).
I have been losing a little bit of weight, slowly, but successfully. I have worked out everyday (except Colton's birthday) since last Monday.
I plan on updating more since I don't have school for the next few weeks.
Now we have pictures...
We (Colton, Hailey and I) took Chuck out for a long walk and adventure. We rested at the baseball fields and took Chuck off leash.

On Monday night, Colton's family came over and we went to the Shops and ate, then walked around.

Lastly, on Colton's birthday, Tuesday, we (Sam, Jen, Hailey, Colton and I) went to Blue Goose and then the tattoo place.

The ladies at Blue Goose.

Before they got tatted up.

Hailey and Sam's matching tats (Hailey's is much smaller. tehe)

Colton's tat

Jen's tat

Colton and Hailey at the tattoo parlor (see their wraps?)

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