Friday, January 29, 2010


Thank you all so much for your prayers!! They have really helped with my nerves today. Here is the latest.

I did get the job. I am so grateful, because I think this will be such a huge step in my life. I really feel that I will do a great job, and I am very excited about it. I requested a specific amount of money, and they are unable to do that for me. They jumped through several hoops to get me what they were finally able to offer me. It was only $2/hour less than I requested. Some of you may think "$2? What's the big deal?" However, $2 breaks down to $40/week which is $160 a month. However, Colton and I crunched numbers and I feel a peace about it. It may not be exactly what I wanted, but God has a plan for it and us.

About the house. We were scheduled to view Lyly today, and the owners had to cancel our appointment because their child got sick. We were bummed, but did some research. We found a house, "Washington" that would be a new build. That greatly excited me, so we bought our flashlights and headed over to the neighborhood. It was a little too rural for our taste, and Colton wasn't a huge fan of the neighborhood like he was Lyly. We decided against that one and drove by Lyly only to make me like that house even more. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of picking our own carpet, tile, and everything in between. We just like everything else about Lyly (without seeing the inside) better.

I'm excited about where this journey will go. Hopefully I will be diligent about documenting everything in process.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


This isn't a post about the cruise.

No pictures.

No scrap pages.

I thought about whether or not I would write about this or wait until we have answers, but I thought I may as well just go ahead. I figure if everything does (or doesn't for that matter) work out then I will be glad I documented everything from the beginning.

I tweeted about a *good* anxiety I am feeling about two important changes to my future. I had to clarify that it wasn't a baby (since that is what immediately everyone jumps to).

#1 I decided I wanted to teach preschool and the week before the cruise had 4 interviews at local preschools. I had a couple offers, but the last interview was "the one." I went on the cruise expecting to hear something by the time I got back about whether or not I got the job. I found out that right now my application is snagged in payroll. They are taking a looooong time to get back. Tuesday, I heard something. They suggested I bring my transcript in and hopefully that will expedite the process. It has officially been two weeks (today) and still no word. I talked to them this morning and *fingers crossed* should hear something by tomorrow morning. Just to clarify, I didn't apply because I hate my job. I actually love my current job and if I do get the preschool teaching job, I plan on working here Saturday mornings. I am blessed beyond belief with two amazing supervisors and great coworkers. It has been the best job I have ever had. However, I have a degree and aspirations in education/counseling and have to move on. :( I have talked with a couple of people at work about it (including my supervisor) and they have been extremely supportive.

What I am asking. Please pray for me in this situation. I have a lot of emotions running through my head right now. Honestly, I am a little nervous it has taken this long to hear something. I have been in communication with them, so I don't feel shafted. Not to mention the fact that it is a huge job change for me. Although I am confident I can and will do a great job, there are still jitters about getting started and doing something different. Just pray that God's will is answered and I am able to cope with whatever it may/may not bring.

#2 With a full-time job comes a steadier salary and with that comes a house. I really didn't want to post about this one either. Mainly for superstitious reasons (which I don't even believe in. haha). I think in the long run, I will be happy to have the (hopefully not) long road of owning our own house chronicled from the begining. We have found a neighborhood with several houses we really like for sale. One of those, we both are super crazy about (despite that it only has a couple pictures posted). We are scheduled to go look at it tomorrow. I am SO EXCITED about the possibility of owning our own home. What great timing too (with the tax credit and our lease coming to an end)?

My problem, when I see a house, I immidiately begin imagining family and friends over for holidays. I see all the ways I can decorate it. I look past the payments and financial obligations. I tend to get overly excited and disregard the fact that I am a planner (an over-planner as Colton may say). The idea of having my own house is just something I have dreamed about since I was little. Soooo...all that being said. Pray for me and my emotions. Pray that I will think critically and Colton and I will make the best decision. Pray that we will be alright with setbacks and understand that God has a plan for us. Whether or not this is the house for us. For blog purposes (and hopefully future scrapbooking of our "first house") I will call this one "Lyly."

If you read all of that, you are really cool, by the way. That was a long boring post. Hopefully next one will be filled with good news and pictures.

It's happened...

I have reached a point of obsession for blogging. It has only been 2 days that I have posted in a row, but I was waiting until this morning to post another one (mind you, I have nothing to say). I didn't want to post twice in one day unless it was important. haha. :) I check it every 20 minutes to see if someone on my list updated. I get super excited when I see a comment. Probably just because it is all new again. Who knows?

I am also super excited about all the MckCruise pictures pouring in. I can't wait to see MckMama's. She took some of Colton and I, along with the other cruisers...kinda like a mini photo shoot. I have been updating my facebook like crazy. I love adding all these pictures. I highly doubt more than 2 or 3 people will look at all of them (those being my mom and dad), but facebook has become my photo storage place. I love photos. As much as I like capturing the moment, I love being in them. 90% of the time, I am critical of myself in photos, but I love being caught, in the moment at someplace/with someone very special. They literally last forever. I love looking at pictures of my mom or Meme from back in the day, and I can only hope my child/grandchild(ren) will want the same from me. Since Colton and I have been together since we were 14, I have the most adorable pictures of us. Like this...


I may update again at work tonight, I want to try to get some scrap pages together of the trip. I don't know if I will be able to do that at work, but we'll see.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let's play a game of catch-up.

HUGE THANKS TO MANDY for helping me make my blog prettier! (I made my own header, believe me she does a much better job at headers than me, so please don't be deceived. Her work is awesome.) I gave her personal blog a shout out last entry, so here's to her blogs blog. ;)

We last left off in October... Wow. Things have changed!

Thanksgiving and Christmas were awesome, spent with family and friends. We had our beautiful Christmas tree again and this year, Chuck posed perfectly in front for me. Becca and Zack spent Christmas with us at our apartment. I finally had the opportunity to meet my beautiful new cousin Chavon (who married my cousin Casey a week after Colton and I) who announced to us that she was pregnant. :) Hailey got a new boyfriend, that we all love so much and have had the most amazing time with. Here are just a few images from those...




Then, I graduated!! Actually, I graduated first, then Christmas, but oh well.


Colton's new website finally opened and business has been booming. We are so blessed with the most amazing brides, couples, families, and everyone who has contributed their wisdom and knowledge. It helps to know amazing photographers who have always been there, and meet new ones along the way. Everyone in the business has been so encouraging and helpful.

Finally, the event that Colton and I have been talking about, wishing for, and saving for 11 months finally came. Our cruise. It was FANTASTIC! Words cannot describe how amazing it was. I will let pictures do most of the talking (then caption) ...

Our huge, beautiful ship.

Cozumel, Mexico.

My new favorite people ever. Seriously, these girls became such good friends of mine in just a week. I can't believe Mandy (middle) lives just 10 minutes from me. You will probably see a lot more of her in the future. ;)

Colton and me with a giant stingray in Grand Cayman.

Colton ziplining in Jamaica.

Game night: I think this sums it up.

Our wonderful waitress, Renata from Croatia and our table mates. We had the best conversations.

I may break down each day in more detail with pictures/scrapbook pages, but for now...I hope you get an idea of what we experienced.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am going to try to post more often. After spending a week with bloggers, I thought it would be time to get off my butt and document my life. I start work again on Wednesday, so hopefully I will have time for a life recap. My new inspiration... I love her and her blog.

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that my blog will be beautified in the process. I am going to try my best to learn HTML and photoshop to bring you the very best.

Here's to nothing...

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