Thursday, January 15, 2009

Out and about

I am going to be gone all weekend (poor Colton). I am super excited. I will write all about it when I am back, but I am helping out with a photoshoot for two amazing photographers at a kick butt hotel. I will post pics and stuff when I get back.
Much love!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

When life hands you lemons...

You eat them with salt?

Ive never been able to relate to that statement (the real one, not mine) because ever since I was a child, I have LOVED eating lemons. I eat them like oranges. It freaks Colton out.

So, I don't want to sound like I am complaining about how complicated my life is, because I have friends going through way worse (death of a niece, a friend, miscarriages, etc) but I had a pretty crazy day yeseterday.

It started with me going and getting an eye exam (everything was fine there)...then, I went to get my car inspection at Kwick Kar. A guy in a red shirt (whom I ASSUMED worked there) told me about my car having "rock chips" showed me them, and offered to fix them for "no cost to me now or ever" I didn't agree but politely walked back in to the store and he came back holding my insurance card talking to my insurance company. Next thing I know I am on the phone with a lady for "Linx" (a glass comp that works through state farm) "verifying my information" Once it was all done, I called Colton, to which he managed to yell at me like a child, calm down, then get mad at the people that worked there. He called Kwick Kar to find out if that guy worked for them... Nope, they were just handing out my insurance card (and other women's) to a random guy that does glass repair that they "let" check out the windows as they come in. GRRR!! Long story short, hours of back and forth my insurance agent(who totally rocks by the way!!) got me out of the big mess (and I guess that means my windshield was fixed for free).

Next story...My baby (chuck) went with me to the dog park. (Or did I go with him?) After being there for a long time, there was a dog that he was going over to check out (he was ona leash). I gues sthat dog felt threatened and bit chuck's ear (sliced it from the bottom about an inch up. He was bleeding uncontrolably. I took him to the doctor and 280 dollars later he has 4 stitches and lots of meds. :( He was extremely tired last night (sleepin off the anesthesia).

*sigh* I know, it could all be worse, so I am not too upset. It was just a bit hetic of a day.

Monday, January 5, 2009

goodbye 2008

I stole this from a friend. tehe

Where did you begin 2008?At Hailey's New Years Eve Party at her house.

What was your status by Valentine's Day? Engaged!! :) Ready to get married.
Were you in school (anytime this year)? Yes.
Did you have to go to the hospital?Yes, for my checkups on my kidney.
Did you have any encounters with the police?Haha. actually yes, I got pulled over (for the first time) because COLTON'S taillight was out and he was "informing me"
Where did you go on vacation? We went to New York for our honeymoon.
What did you purchase that was over $500? My wedding dress, our wedding, my car, New York (well, we didn't "purchase" New York, but you know...)
Did you know anybody who got married?Yes, my two cousins (not to each other) and a bunch of Knotties!!
Did you know anybody who passed away? Not anyone personally that I can think of.
Did you move anywhere? From Dallas to Collin county :)
What sporting events did you attend? I don't think anything =/
What concerts/shows did you go to? A LOT too many to name (but I will say we saw Lion King on Broadway and Jack's Mannequin in Dallas that rocked!!)
Where do you live now? Same as where we moved.
What's the one thing you thought you would never do but did in 2008? See jack's mannequin
What has/have been your favorite moment(s)? Getting married.
What's something you learned about yourself? That I could successfully plan a beautiful wedding virtually stress free. =)
Any new additions to your family? We have Chuck Taylor.
What was your best month? june
What music will you remember 2008 by? Probably the wedding songs
Any regrets? Nope.
What do you want to change in 2009? I want to eat healthier, tone up, graduate!! =)
Overall, how would you rate(or award) 2008? Best year of my life.
What would you change about 2008? Hmm... I don't think anything
Other than home, where did you spend most of your time? At work (the library)
Change your hairstyle? haha, yes actually. I got bangs.
Get a new job? Yes I did!
Do you have a New Year's resolution? To read my chapters in school better so I will stress less...
Did anything embarrassing? I'm always embarassing myself (or others)
What was/were your favorite purchase[s]? Kandice as my photographer
Got married or divorced? Sure did (married).
Be honest - did you watch American Idol? yeah, because Jason Castro was on it this year.
Did you get sick this year? A few times, yes!
Start a new hobby? I improved my old one (scrapbooking)
Been snowboarding? Yes, on my Wii.
Are you happy to see 2008 go? I don't really know.
Drank Starbucks in 2008? I had hot chocolate a couple of times.
What are you wishing for in 2009?A 4.0? =)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My boys

Just enjoy the loves of my life like I do...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Wow, so 2008 has been a crazy year, filled with joy and tears. I got married to a wonderful man (aka my highschool sweetheart), moved out on my own (with my husband), got a dog (my beautiful Chuck Taylor), and much more. I had Kandice take our engagements and have developed a life long friendship. I have been blessed in so many ways, and i am so thankful.

Let's see...New Years Eve Colton, Sam, Jen and I went to Dave and Busters for an IMPROV comedy show, dinner, and games. It was an absolute blast!! We won over 3400 tickets, and gave them to a cute little girl and her dad. We came back to the apartment and watched the ball drop. Heres our pics...

Hope you all have a happy 2009!! =)

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