Monday, August 24, 2009

Good things usually come to an end

It's true. I haven't updated in a while, because I went through a major funk. Yes, I realize we are still blessed, but things haven't been as peachy and wonderful as they were before. I have had to really take a step back and re-examine everything.
Without going into too much detail, I really struggled. I was sad, alot. I cried, alot. I spent many hours dwelling on how bad things had gotten and how unhappy I was. No matter how hard I tried to fix everything, it just got worse and worse. Marriage is a lot of work, and I have never forgotten that. It just got unbelieveably hard for a while. So hard that I closed myself off to the world.
Because God is amazing, I pulled through. I had a wonderful weekend, and I am looking forward to mending my bruises. This coming up weekend will be soo relaxing (Another trip to Beaver's Bend).
Colton and I had Saturday off, so we had a date night and got all dressed up. Sunday we ahd engagements with an adorable couple, even though it was super hot outside.
Besides this vacation weekend, we have a VERY busy next few months.
I start school Thursday, and I am really anxious. I am ready. It is my last first day as an undergrad. I am so ready to be done with it. :)

Oh, and I have successfully lost the weight I wanted to. I am at my goal range and couldn't be happier. I am healthier, more toned, and I actually enjoy exercising. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


and exhausted. I am overwhelmed by the response that Colton is getting to his photography. We are seriously booked EVERY weekend in October with weddings. We have bridals and engagements throughout now and then as well. We have been so blessed by incredible support from family and friends. God is truly amazing, and I am so thankful for everything going on in our lives right now. Without him, it wouldn't be possible.

Our date nights now consist of going to weddings/engagement shoots together. We spend our free time editing (well...he edits and I say "good job"), making spreadsheets (all me, baby), and organizing.

It's great to see the passion he has for this. He loves taking pictures, editing and delivering CDs. I love meeting new people, going new places, and being a part of such an important event in someone's life. His work isn't bad either. :)

Saturday, we had an engagement shoot with Crystal and Ray. They were such an adorable couple. Seriously, they were a lot of fun. We had a great time.

Then, Sunday, I witnessed one of the most beautiful weddings of all time. The Piazza in the Village was INCREDIBLE. Although I loved our little chapel, this place was a dream. The staff, the art, the halls, EVERYTHING was perfect. The couple, Tera and Terran were absolutely adorable. They smiled from begining to end. It was a beautiful ceremony and a super fun reception. We danced and danced and danced.

Also, we are both not only blessed with all that, but we are extremely blessed with our "real" jobs. Both of us have jobs that we love. We never complain about them, our supervisors, or fellow employees. We are both finally happy where we are. Thank you, God. :)

Not to mention we have the best dog in the world.

And two mini vacays coming up.

Along with a WONDERFUL cruise in January.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

no pictures post

I wish I had pictures to post, so that it would make this entry pretty, but I don't. :(
I cannot believe it is already AUGUST. Where did the time go? Colton and I have been busy with photoshoots and stuff, so I haven't noticed how fast the weekends go by. He was supposed to have three shoots this weekend, but two were canceled (family reasons). We did get to do one and we drove out to Keller for a children shoot. Fun!
We also went by colleyville to look at the venue for the wedding next weekend. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait. I get to wear my new black dress. Whee!
I went shopping with my mom this week and got that dress and then a plaid dress for $10. (Not together...the plaid was $10). It was a lucky day for me. I never get to go shopping, so it was a little exhilirating.
I made enchiladas (that we are STILL eating) Friday because I thought Hailey was gonna come over. :( She ended up staying home since Coltons Sat. morning shoot was cancelled and she didn't need to help him.
When we got back, we went to Steak and Shake with Sam and Jen (after attempting to go to the movies) and went back to their apartment to play games. SO MUCH FUN! I love game nights, so it was a blast for me.
As far as my diet and exercise plan...I haven't been very good this week, so I need to whip myself into shape again. haha.
Hopefully I'll have pics for my next post.

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