Friday, October 31, 2008


It's Halloween and I'm at work. All I can think about is Christmas.
This is seriously my favorite time of the year. Once Halloween is over, all the Christmas stuff comes forward. I am so excited. =) Not only because I love the smells of gingerbread, peppermint, chimneys, hot cocoa, and pine. Also not just because I love wearing a hoodie and driving with my windows down at night and gazing at all the decorated houses, or the decorations that fill up all the stores, or the Christmas cards. And the I LOVE the music. And the movies that are only good to watch once a year, and the "Christmas specials" on TV and the abominal snowman and Rudolph and Santa.
Not only am I excited about all of that, but it is our (colton and I) first Christmas as "our family", first Christmas where we get to decorate OUR place, first "married people" Christmas. We are getting a 4 ft small tree (since we have an apartment).
Call me gothic, but we are decorating with black, white, silver and khaki ornaments, bulbs, feathers, and garland. To match our living room. My "theme" for Christmas, I have decided, with much consideration will be Snowflakes. I LOVE snow, and I want to bring it to our decor. =) So we will have many snowflakes, all shapes and sizes.
I am participating in the "Nestie" ornament exchange and tomorrow, I get my secret Santa. We have two weeks to pick out an ornament and send it to them. I think it is going to be really fun. In return, I get an ornament. =D
Seriously, I could not love a time of the year more than this. I wish I lived back in the day when carolers were more common. I went once when I was a kid and loved it. I wish that could be a tradition that was brought back.
(By the way, if anyone wants to, I am so totally in. hehe)

I must say...

the southern smokehouse burger from Chilis is INCREDIBLE and even better when you are starving. We went to Chilis last night to help my hunger and this giant thing is what I got...w/ a side salad. I definately ate it all...

Just wanted a post to say WOW.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well it has been a while. Mostly because I have been sick...and tired...and working on homework (and sick and tired of homework).
Lots of thoughts...
I am ready for the election to be over. I have so many thoughts about this, but I am tired of all the commercials and stuff. I am tired of the hype around Obama & I think if he becomes president he will let us all down.
I am also having a hard time seeing how a true Christian, not just someone who says they are and uses the title, but someone who TRULY seeks out God's will in their lives and prays and trusts and everything, how they could vote for Obama. His "pastor" who he followed for 20 years said "god****" America on the PULPIT, he believes and supports abortion in so many scary ways it seriously frightens me. Call me whatever you want, but I think the morality of our country has and will continue to plumit in the direction that Obama "plans" to take it. Specifically abortions... See, evern though I have no desire for a child right now, I totaly understand the "awe" that is a baby. I mean, the whole thing is kinda an "awe" situation. Couples try for years to have a child w/o any success. A baby, growing inside a mom, taking in nutrients, and developing, then growing up and learning and talking and is all just fascination and beautiful. =) Children are such a blessing!! Ask any pregnant woman (who wants to be pregnant) about her child and she will tell you everything, it's "name" ideas, it's colors in the bedroom etc. She will never say "until it is born, it is not considered a baby. Just something inside of me" I just don't understand. =/

Enough controversial stuff...=)

School is KICKING MY TAIL!! I am so close to being done, but I am also so far away.

I am tired of being sick. It seems I can't shake this. I just keep getting sicker and sicker and sicker.

I am ready to go to class and listen and take notes, and hopefully leave early so I can go home and eat...a lot. lol

Maybe Colton and I will go out for a date tonight.


Thursday, October 23, 2008


Some photos from the reception...

Walking out to the car that Nessa, Kimberly and I decorated...


Driver "Groom" Side
Passenger "Bride" Side

Wedding Day

The next morning was the wedding day. I woke up a couple of the bridesmaids so we could surprise Becca and clean her car. It was a MESS and that was what she was leaving in that night, so we wanted to do something very nice. Then we all met up for breakfast wearing NO MAKEUP (Although a couple girls broke that rule. haha) pajamas and our heels for that night. We got so many stares, it was hysterical.

When she saw her car clean

After she spilled her milk. haha! Umm...yeah. That's why I wear makeup

Then, we went back to the house and began our getting ready process. Becca had extensions in her hair for length and volume. They cracked me up.

(I wish I could freakin' turn some of these pictures and make them rotate, but my computer is being stupid, so I can only post horizantal pictures)

Then, we were on our way (30 min late at this point) so we stopped at the bridge to get pictures...

It's hard not to be jealous, she is so freakin GORGEOUS!!!!

Then, we were finally on our way to the church (10 min before it started. haha)

The wedding party minus Colton, Kimberly (Her SISTER!!) and me...we had driven all the way to the reception chapel to get it ready before everyone got there. So yeah, we definately missed the group shots.

Long Overdue!!

It's about stinking time!! I have like hundreds of pictures so I am going to post two separate posts to get it all out. Not all hundreds though. haha!
First, the wedding weekend was so exhausting. I don't think I got much sleep at all. Start off with our trip down there... Here are some terrible pictures.

I snuck out of class early and "Jill" our GPS got us there in record time. =) Our hotel was beautiful (Double Tree Club Suites Springdale)
Friday we woke up early and I went with Becca to run all her errands with her (paying for flowers, picking up fish, you knoe the usual bridesmaid stuff. We decorated the chapel were the reception would be and started the rehearsal there (the church they were getting married charged extra for a rehearsal there)

We had our rehearsal dinner at a cute lil' Italian restauraunt.

Then, we all separated. The girls went to the apartment to pick up some last minute items and exchange gifts (Becca gave us our bridesmaids gift and Nessa, Kimberly and I gave her our gift).

What is the gift you say?

Hehe, well...We made a "Honeymoon Night Basket" complete with everything you need for a wonderful night.

edible panties, fantasy mask, wedding night mints, KY, boxers, body frosting (w/sprinkles!!)

Then we went to the house we were staying at and fell asleep.

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