Saturday, March 6, 2010


It has been a while. That's what happens when you're sick.

See...I thought it was just a 24 hour bug, but the vomiting continued for a couple of days. Then, when I got better, I caught strep, which gave me a sinus infection, which then led to days and days of drainage. I then had a cough I couldn't get rid of for several nights. Then, yesterday, I got a marvelous ear infection (like CANNOT hear at all out of my left ear). Today, I woke up with a bladder infection.

God has a sense of humor. But the way I look at it, if I get every illness at the beginning of the year, I won't be sick for the rest? haha.

Needless to say, I haven't been on the Internet nor have I had the desire to post a blog. :(

We found out that our closing won't be on Monday like we orginally planned. Apparently everyone else and their dog knows that closing dates aren't on expected dates except for us. haha. Hopefully it will all work out at the end of the week so we can HAVE OUR HOUSE and I can share pics. tehe :)

This is non-imformative, but I will update when I have a chance. ;) Off to do busy things like lesson plans and teaching certification stuff.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Things in 2010


1- Put an offer in on our future house
2- Learned a lot at my job training.
3- God showed me just how cool he can be. Remember?
4- Actually agreed on paint colors with Colton (although it will probably change)
5- Had a wonderful talk with one of my best and closest friends.
6- Beautiful bridal session with Colton and wonderful food at the Cheesecake factory.
7- Saw Mandy again, met Jack and had a great time watching the superbowl.
8- Saved $60/month by switching auto insurance companies. Every little bit counts.
9- First day at my new job. Thank you, Lord for providing.
10- Sweet night at home with the hubby.
11- Had an amazing day in the snow.
12- Colton sent me tulips to work, which helped with my awful day.
13- Hailey spent the night! Girl talk!
14- Thank you for Valentine's Day.
15- Received great news, that will be exciting to share.
16- We bought our bedroom set!!
17- Awesome Jack's Mannequin concert.
18- Spent the afternoon in the baby room at work. God is amazing.
19- Started packing and had a fun evening with the husband looking for furniture. So excited to have a new house.
20- Had another wonderful night with Hailey (and did excellent helping her in math this time)
21- Made a comitment to God today. We are excited to live in obedience.
22- Discovered the greatness that is 5 guys, burgers and fries! :)
23- Actually worked 8.25 hours at work!! Woohoo!!
24- Worked 10.25 hours today!! I am so thankful for these extra hours.
25- Starting feeling sick, but had a great hubby to take care of me.
26- Sick day. However, it was an excuse for a movie day with the hubby.
27- Found out that I will have my teaching certification very soon. :)
28- Saw Sam and Jen's new apartment and was able to spend some time with them. They also gave us a lot of boxes for our move.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jack's Mannequin & why I love Andrew

I haven't posted in a few days. The hectic new schedule I am adjusting to can be blamed for that. I will try to be better this week.

On Wednesday, Colton and I went to see Jack's Mannequin (I will go ahead and put it out there, that they are my favorite band. Yes, I am aware of the fact that the CD has explicit lyrics, I own it. It is due to one song that has the "f" word in it. I don't want anyone to get upset.) It is, by far, my favorite band to see live. :) The pictures kinda stink because of all the fog in the venue.






Andrew (the lead singer) found out at 22 that he had Lukemia. I am 22 now and can't imagine how I would take the news. He battled cancer, chemo and the sickness that came with it all. I don't know if it was his attitude through the battle. His amazing piano playing skills, his lyrics, or the fact that he puts on an incredible concert, but I love him. We found out that he is going back to his old band, so there may not be anymore.

I wanted to upload a video, but it was taking entirely too long. Maybe I will edit and upload a clip or two.
We have an engagement shoot tonight and hopefully we'll be able to get things cleaned up around the apartment. It looks terrible. :/

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Edit: No, the news is not that I am pregnant. haha. :)

This new job has kicked my butt. I literally have no energy left when I get home. Imagine that. Spending 8 hours with 4 year olds and not having energy at 5:30 pm. tehe.

Friday was a hard day. It was hard watching the snow melt away. Hard going to work for just a few hours. Hard day at work. Hard night at home. I did get beautiful tulips from my lovely Husband though.

Saturday, I worked in the morning and my beautiful sister in law came over and spent the night. We worked on math until late Saturday night. We also went to one of Colton's shoots. So much fun!

Sunday, we went to church and celebrated Valentines Day by seeing the movie at Studio Movie Grill (and all you can eat pizza).

Monday, I had to be at work at 6 am for a training in Arlington and didn't get home until 7pm. Whew! Long day. I did get some really exciting news I can't wait to share, but it will probably be this summer I can do it. (You can email me if you are curious, I just don't want to post it on the online world).

Tuesday was a lot better. The kids were rowdy, but I'm used to that. I had a schedule set up with lesson plans and it worked AWESOME!! Things are looking up. We also drove around downtown Wylie (so cute!) and looked at our house again. Then, we ended up at Rooms to Go and bought our BEAUTIFUL bedroom set. I am SO EXCITED. It is the one I have wanted for so long now...and it is ours!! Eeeeekk!!

Closing date is in 19 days!!!!!!

My next post may be more insightful, but I want to get things together for our concert tonight (Jack's Mannequin). I have been looking forward to this since December and it is finally here. Yay!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

If you know me AT ALL, you know that I love (and I mean LOVE) the cold. I love hot cocoa, I love fireplaces, I love ice cream, everything cold. I really enjoy when it snows. We actually received record breaking snow. I could not be happier. When Colton got home, we bundled up, took Chuck and ran outside. We gathered snow for homemade ice cream, made a snowman, threw snowballs at Chuck and each other, made snow angels, ran in open fields by our apartment and had a blast. I am so excited it will still be here tomorrow so we can repeat the craziness. Enjoy these pictures. They are way overdue.




Look at those ears. :) *swoon*

I had to add some kind of chocolate. hehe.
And at last, I will leave you with this obnoxious video. Yes, we pegged Chuck over and over with snow, but he loved it. And yes I do say the word "sucks" so if that is a bad word don't watch it. hehe.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ms. (Mrs.) Jessica

So I am officially Ms. Jessica. I have a classroom with 20 something kids (They haven't all been there at the same time, so I don't know exactly how many). No desk, no computer, no phones...just kids. Playing, reading, coloring and more. Right now it is super unorganized. They haven't had any structure at all. I am working on ways to get them quiet (give me a 5, "this is my ___ voice", red yellow green, etc). Right now they have minds of their own. I am working hard to break through their stubbornness and remembering they are all 4 (and a couple 5s). I also have a two hour lunch break. It is awesome that I live so close, because I can come home, let Chuck out, and relax...however, it blows once we move away and I will have no where to go (except the mall...which could be exciting. haha). The second half of the day is hardest. The kids are full of energy and unwilling to cooperate. Once I get the room together, this should change. I just need to bring in some organization and a clear schedule for them and the parents. It will be nice.

More updates on all that later. I want to enjoy my last hour with a banana split and some rest. :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Update

We decided to put our apartment for rent on Craigslist to see if we can save on the last two months of rent. That would be SO AWESOME if we could. :)

Saturday- I worked in the morning. After work, Colton and I headed to the Old Red Courthouse for bridal portraits. They turned out AMAZING!! SO GORGEOUS. I am really excited about her wedding, because it will be beautiful (Colton can't post sneaks until AFTER the wedding, but it will be worth the wait). Then, we went to Cheesecake Factory (the first time at the Northpark one together) the Container Store (I could live there, seriously), and a few furniture stores.

Sunday- We had church, then an awesome engagement session at the Cotton Mill. Then, we went to Mandy's house for her Superbuckle party. She took this picture, and I stole it from her P365 blog, but it's the only one I have. I know you are tired of pictureless posts as well.


We came home, did some laundry, watched Supernatural and went to bed.

Today, I have been talking to our new insurance agent (who I found out I know. He's married to one of my knottie and IRL friends. He isn't married to two people they are the same person. haha). We are so excited about finding home/car insurance in our (below our) budget for great coverage. Woohoo!! It just means we THAT MUCH closer to our house. We still close on March 8 (so exactly 28 days!). We found out they are going to fix the roof, so many good things are happening.

I start my new job tomorrow. I met my assistant teacher today. He is a doll. I am excited to work with him and think we'll make a great team.

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