Monday, August 24, 2009

Good things usually come to an end

It's true. I haven't updated in a while, because I went through a major funk. Yes, I realize we are still blessed, but things haven't been as peachy and wonderful as they were before. I have had to really take a step back and re-examine everything.
Without going into too much detail, I really struggled. I was sad, alot. I cried, alot. I spent many hours dwelling on how bad things had gotten and how unhappy I was. No matter how hard I tried to fix everything, it just got worse and worse. Marriage is a lot of work, and I have never forgotten that. It just got unbelieveably hard for a while. So hard that I closed myself off to the world.
Because God is amazing, I pulled through. I had a wonderful weekend, and I am looking forward to mending my bruises. This coming up weekend will be soo relaxing (Another trip to Beaver's Bend).
Colton and I had Saturday off, so we had a date night and got all dressed up. Sunday we ahd engagements with an adorable couple, even though it was super hot outside.
Besides this vacation weekend, we have a VERY busy next few months.
I start school Thursday, and I am really anxious. I am ready. It is my last first day as an undergrad. I am so ready to be done with it. :)

Oh, and I have successfully lost the weight I wanted to. I am at my goal range and couldn't be happier. I am healthier, more toned, and I actually enjoy exercising. :)

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