Sunday, August 2, 2009

no pictures post

I wish I had pictures to post, so that it would make this entry pretty, but I don't. :(
I cannot believe it is already AUGUST. Where did the time go? Colton and I have been busy with photoshoots and stuff, so I haven't noticed how fast the weekends go by. He was supposed to have three shoots this weekend, but two were canceled (family reasons). We did get to do one and we drove out to Keller for a children shoot. Fun!
We also went by colleyville to look at the venue for the wedding next weekend. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait. I get to wear my new black dress. Whee!
I went shopping with my mom this week and got that dress and then a plaid dress for $10. (Not together...the plaid was $10). It was a lucky day for me. I never get to go shopping, so it was a little exhilirating.
I made enchiladas (that we are STILL eating) Friday because I thought Hailey was gonna come over. :( She ended up staying home since Coltons Sat. morning shoot was cancelled and she didn't need to help him.
When we got back, we went to Steak and Shake with Sam and Jen (after attempting to go to the movies) and went back to their apartment to play games. SO MUCH FUN! I love game nights, so it was a blast for me.
As far as my diet and exercise plan...I haven't been very good this week, so I need to whip myself into shape again. haha.
Hopefully I'll have pics for my next post.

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