Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ms. (Mrs.) Jessica

So I am officially Ms. Jessica. I have a classroom with 20 something kids (They haven't all been there at the same time, so I don't know exactly how many). No desk, no computer, no phones...just kids. Playing, reading, coloring and more. Right now it is super unorganized. They haven't had any structure at all. I am working on ways to get them quiet (give me a 5, "this is my ___ voice", red yellow green, etc). Right now they have minds of their own. I am working hard to break through their stubbornness and remembering they are all 4 (and a couple 5s). I also have a two hour lunch break. It is awesome that I live so close, because I can come home, let Chuck out, and relax...however, it blows once we move away and I will have no where to go (except the mall...which could be exciting. haha). The second half of the day is hardest. The kids are full of energy and unwilling to cooperate. Once I get the room together, this should change. I just need to bring in some organization and a clear schedule for them and the parents. It will be nice.

More updates on all that later. I want to enjoy my last hour with a banana split and some rest. :)

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