Monday, July 27, 2009

faeries are among us...

So, I was asked a few weeks ago to be a faerie for a birthday party on July 25th for a very special little girl. (Actually an amazing grown-up girl in a little girl body). She had a backyard faerie party that was to die for. Her amazing mom and dad worked hard to set up tents and lanterns and wonderful food. Every detail was perfectly taken care of. A week before the event, I freaked. I couldn't find fairy wings anywhere that looked like a woodland fairy rather than a princess fairy. I wanted to be a bit grundgy, but faeiresque (look at me making up words). So, rather than buying a costume and have it expedited...I made it. (Which probably ended up being more expensive, but it was so much fun and so worth it).
I made the wings pointy so they would be more "leaf-like" from scratch. We used coat hangers and tights.

I mirrored my makeup from a fairy who travels different fairs Twig Faerie. Actually, I went for her whole look because she's GORGEOUS.

The finished product...
Colton actually took pics of the event and did a great job. I can't wait to see the finished product when they are all done. You can see more photos of the party (and not just me. haha) here.

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