Thursday, January 28, 2010


This isn't a post about the cruise.

No pictures.

No scrap pages.

I thought about whether or not I would write about this or wait until we have answers, but I thought I may as well just go ahead. I figure if everything does (or doesn't for that matter) work out then I will be glad I documented everything from the beginning.

I tweeted about a *good* anxiety I am feeling about two important changes to my future. I had to clarify that it wasn't a baby (since that is what immediately everyone jumps to).

#1 I decided I wanted to teach preschool and the week before the cruise had 4 interviews at local preschools. I had a couple offers, but the last interview was "the one." I went on the cruise expecting to hear something by the time I got back about whether or not I got the job. I found out that right now my application is snagged in payroll. They are taking a looooong time to get back. Tuesday, I heard something. They suggested I bring my transcript in and hopefully that will expedite the process. It has officially been two weeks (today) and still no word. I talked to them this morning and *fingers crossed* should hear something by tomorrow morning. Just to clarify, I didn't apply because I hate my job. I actually love my current job and if I do get the preschool teaching job, I plan on working here Saturday mornings. I am blessed beyond belief with two amazing supervisors and great coworkers. It has been the best job I have ever had. However, I have a degree and aspirations in education/counseling and have to move on. :( I have talked with a couple of people at work about it (including my supervisor) and they have been extremely supportive.

What I am asking. Please pray for me in this situation. I have a lot of emotions running through my head right now. Honestly, I am a little nervous it has taken this long to hear something. I have been in communication with them, so I don't feel shafted. Not to mention the fact that it is a huge job change for me. Although I am confident I can and will do a great job, there are still jitters about getting started and doing something different. Just pray that God's will is answered and I am able to cope with whatever it may/may not bring.

#2 With a full-time job comes a steadier salary and with that comes a house. I really didn't want to post about this one either. Mainly for superstitious reasons (which I don't even believe in. haha). I think in the long run, I will be happy to have the (hopefully not) long road of owning our own house chronicled from the begining. We have found a neighborhood with several houses we really like for sale. One of those, we both are super crazy about (despite that it only has a couple pictures posted). We are scheduled to go look at it tomorrow. I am SO EXCITED about the possibility of owning our own home. What great timing too (with the tax credit and our lease coming to an end)?

My problem, when I see a house, I immidiately begin imagining family and friends over for holidays. I see all the ways I can decorate it. I look past the payments and financial obligations. I tend to get overly excited and disregard the fact that I am a planner (an over-planner as Colton may say). The idea of having my own house is just something I have dreamed about since I was little. Soooo...all that being said. Pray for me and my emotions. Pray that I will think critically and Colton and I will make the best decision. Pray that we will be alright with setbacks and understand that God has a plan for us. Whether or not this is the house for us. For blog purposes (and hopefully future scrapbooking of our "first house") I will call this one "Lyly."

If you read all of that, you are really cool, by the way. That was a long boring post. Hopefully next one will be filled with good news and pictures.

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