Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm that girl who...

I saw this on my friend Sandy's blog and thought, "what the heck. I'll do it."

I'm that girl who...

- is a Christian and hopes people see that in me

- drinks caffeine (frappachino) less than 4 times a year and hasn't had a coke (soda, pop, whatever you fancy) in almost 10 years.

- can't imagine life without a dog

- sleeps in the winter with the ceiling fan on, but buried in a comforter

- loves things to be organized, but can't keep it that way

- doesn't like french fries

- tends to exaggerate

- puts on a happy face, even when things are going wrong

- can live without radio music, but loves musicals

- misses the stage with all that I am (theater and plays and such)

- answers "anything ice cream" to "what's your favorite food?" and "what brand/store?" to
"what's your favorite flavor?"

- enjoys compliments, but feels awkward receiving them

- likes the simple things in life

- some may call a Drama Queen

- spreads herself to thin, and takes on everything at once

- still doesn't understand why terrible things happen to good people

- loves to dance, but can't do it well

- enjoys reading nonfiction, but never has time for it

What kind of girl are you?

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