Monday, February 1, 2010


I am so excited. We are FINALLY going to be able to see Lyly. Eeek! I really like the outside of this house and hope the inside doesn't disappoint. Of course I will be praying that God's will be done in the whole situation. It is a perfect little place for us.

Weekend Update:

Saturday- I worked while Colton shot an engagement session for my gorgeous friend Meredith and her fiance Danny. I cannot wait for him to put the previews up. They are awesome! Then, Colton and I went "furniture" shopping. We figured we would just window shop and price things for when we did get a house. However, we ran into a fantastic deal at Rooms To Go and had to go ahead and purchase. It's so exciting. Just waiting for us to get a house and will be shipped. We picked out our couch, chair, ottoman and a 50' Plasma HD. I am so ready for our house now.
Although we didn't buy anything else, we picked out our washer/dryer, and our bedroom furniture as well. We are ready to get this show on the road. :) Then we hung out with Jen and Sam (ate dinner and watched Supernatural). I am so gonna miss them being in our apartment complex (but they are leaving at the end of this month, and we are actually moving a lot closer to their new place than our apartment. Meaning, we'll still see them all the time).
Here's our living room stuff...



Sunday- Colton played the djembe at church in all three services. I went to the second service and watched as many children and adults were baptized. It was awesome. They had all the children on stage cheering when the person was brought out of the water. It was a celebration on earth just as the angels celebrate in Heaven. So cool! We had another awesome engagement shoot with an adorable couple last night. Then, we went furniture shopping, got a redbox movie and came home to watch it. Colton, Chuck and I snuggled in our bed and watched "The Invention of Lying." It was interesting. Parts were funny, but I wasn't too crazy about how they brought in "religion."

This morning I went to the preschool I will be working at to pick up my info sheet for my training tomorrow. Then, I came to work. In approximately 15 minutes, I will have to tell my supervisor the news (that I got the job). Starting tonight, we are going to clean the apartment and take pics of our current furniture. Once we put an offer in and have a contract going, we hope to sell everything. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of the inside of Lyly for everyone.

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