Tuesday, February 2, 2010


As of right now, we are waiting to hear back about Lyly.

Yesterday at work, Colton called and asked if we wanted to go see it, since a time opened up for it. I said "sure!!" I got off work early, and we headed to the house. We drove around the neighborhood and saw all the young families out jogging, bicycling, and even playing rugby. haha. We knew that this was the neighborhood we could see ourselves raising a little rugby playing kid. Driving around only made me like the neighborhood more. Honestly, it isn't as "nice and new" as Frisco, but it isn't as busy either. It's more quiet and humble (though the homes are beautiful). There is a lot of land nearby and even a woodsy area behind the house.

Our realtor came by and we finally got to see inside. I was so nervous that it wouldn't live up to our expectations and I would be severely disappointed. Nope. All we kept saying was how perfect it was. From the huge backyard for Chuck and his future sister, Lucy to the beautiful living room and kitchen (my favorite part!). The bathrooms needed tile floors and the spare bedrooms needed paint. Otherwise, it is perfect. Colton actually likes that it needs those things so he can feel more manly. haha.

We couldn't stop dreaming of all the fun things we would do to it when/if we got it. We left and went to the nearby Whataburger for the paperwork. Colton and I signed and sent our offer with our realtor.

This morning, she sent it to the seller's realtor. Now, we are just waiting to hear back from them to see if they made any changes. We fully expect them to counteroffer, but have enough room in the contract to play with. I am so excited to see where this leads us and the plans God has for our lives.

I was asked why I don't put pictures up. I eventually will, but I don't want to post pictures of a house if we aren't getting it. The only house I will post will be the one we get. Also, only people who know my address will know why its called Lyly. I don't want to give the street name away for security reasons. (FYI, its pronounced Lily.)

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