Friday, February 5, 2010

Where did I leave off?

Oh Lyly...

We got it! They accepted our offer with a few minor and livable changes. (One being we have to close a week earlier. woohoo!) Closing date: March 8, 2010. So on March 8, 2010 Colton and I will be homeowners. Praise the Lord!!

We signed all the paperwork Wednesday night for the final contract. Yesterday, we met with the mortgage person and signed all the loan paperwork and turned in all our stuff (check stubs, bank statements, etc.).

That afternoon, we had the inspection. I was really nervous because they didn't look so good (Colton and the inspector). Come to find out, there was water damage around the windows and most importantly in the kitchen. Apparently, there is roof damage that is causing a water leak. We have sent over an amendment to the contract to find out if they will get a roofer over to take care of it, or if they will knock some off of the price. Either is fine, but we expect something to be done in order for us to continue with the house. We both love it, but we are already going to have to do a lot of little stuff that we want the big thing to be taken care of.

We also found out that the original owners didn't do a very good job at keeping it clean/nice. There are many things they neglected to take care of (replacing air filter being one). We are going to have to go in, room by room and scrub down all the baby germs. ;) I hate cleaning (love organizing), but I am so excited about cleaning our HOUSE.

After the inspection, we went to Best Buy and Home Depot to look at washers/dryers and refrigerators. Those will be our next big purchase for the house. While at Home Depot, we found ceiling fans that we really liked and were on sale (Wish I could find pictures online, but I can't). So we bought them. Not before driving 20 minutes to the next one because they were out of stock at our Home Depot. We also looked at paint colors and I believe we picked out our main color and accent wall colors. Woohoo. That excites me. We want to warm up the colors a little and I think we found a good color (that we agree on by the way, which is HUGE).

So no new pictures, just boring information post... Oh well.

A less home informational post and about me post coming up next...

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